This is how we work together:


MollyChesney is a trading name of MCL Marketing Consultancy Limited.


When you (the Client) agree to a project (or projects) with MollyChesney – it is important to note that not all work will necessarily be undertaken by Molly Chesney herself. On occasion, an alternative suitably skilled marketer or content writer (Consultant) may be assigned. This is to ensure coverage over periods of absence through illness, holiday or when there are capacity risks.


Together, we agree on a project (or projects) which MollyChesney will undertake and if applicable the delivery period of that project. Your Consultant will do everything in their power to deliver within the agreed time frame, although where sign-off, approval or feedback is not provided in time, then this date could be at risk – and will be raised to the Client. However, MollyChesney consultants will work outside of traditional working hours in order to complete a project and meet a deadline, and for this reason, no formal start- and finish times are typically adhered to.


Invoices will be issued for the time spent on the agreed project/projects at the end of each month, and are due for payment within 28 days. Any invoice issues should be raised within five working days of receipt of invoice by the Client.


In certain circumstances, the Client may issue a MollyChesney Consultant with equipment such as a laptop or mobile phone; as well as an email address. It is recognised these are provided to ensure confidential data can be accessed by the Consultant. Equipment will only be used for the intended purpose and will be returned once no further work is required, or upon request.


MollyChesney Consultants are home-based, although will attend meetings and spend time in client offices when requested, with reasonable notice.


Where the standard of work falls short of the desired quality, your MollyChesney Consultant will correct any issues, with no cost to the Client.


In providing Services under this Agreement it is expressly agreed that the MollyChesney Consultant is acting as an independent Consultant and not as an employee. The Consultant and the Client acknowledge that this Agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them, and is exclusively an agreement for service.


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Molly Chesney marketing consultant
Molly Chesney marketing consultant